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Episode 14 A Course in Miracles on the Front Lines

Special GuestConnie Brannock

In this episode:
  • Taking the Course to the battlefield
  • Practicing "Safety lies in my defenseless"
  • Integrating ACIM into a multi-faceted life
  • Miracle Story - "Surrounded by the Enemy"

Episode 13 Finding God in Each Other

Special GuestJan O'Kelley and Timothy Holmes

In this episode:
  • What it means to be in Holy Relationship
  • Creating a Course community and retreat house
  • The evolution of http://thelittlegarden.org
  • Insights, favorite miracle stories, and more!

Episode 12 What is A Course in Miracles?

Special GuestRobin Duncan

In this episode:
  • A Personal Journey of A Course in Miracles
  • Story of Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford
  • Basics of A Course in Miracles
  • Miracle in the Grapevine

Episode 11 Getting Unstuck with A Course in Miracles

Special GuestLisa Natoli

In this episode:
  • What is keeping you "stuck" in your life, relationship, or challenge?
  • Steps on how to "get unstuck"
  • Possible challenges and pitfalls along the way
  • One of Lisa's favorite miracle stories... and more!

Episode 10 Finding Happiness with A Course in Miracles

Special GuestFrances Xu

In this episode:
  • Transforming your life through practice
  • Discovering your purpose and function
  • How to be guided by the Holy Spirit
  • One of Frances' favorite miracle stories... and more!

Episode 9 FREE Healing Tools for Challenging Times

In this episode:
  • Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan (150 Prayers eBook) - Click Here
  • All Hands on Deck (Set of 9 Audios) - Click Here
  • Miracles in Personal Healing (90 Topics Library) - Click Here
  • MiraclesforLiving.org (100’s of Free Healing Tools) - Click Here

Episode 8 Miracles Medley

Special GuestJoanna Quinn, Lynn Dolynchuk, Terry Masci, and Robin Duncan

In this episode:
  • Facing the Flood
  • Fear of Flying
  • Getting what I wanted
  • The Van Story and Celebration of Life

Episode 7 Practical Steps to Healing

Special GuestRev. Tony Ponticello

In this episode:
  • The evolution of A Course in Miracles
  • Practical steps to physical healing
  • Students approach to practice
  • Miracle Story on Mental Health

Episode 6 Gift of Miracles "The Car Accident"

Special GuestJaime Kalman Chipko

In this episode:
  • Jaime will share her beautiful miracle story called "The Car Accident"
  • Find out how Jaime experienced 3 miracles in one!
  • Learn the steps she took to open to miracles
  • Discover how to open to miracles yourself!

Episode 5 Living A Course in Miracles

Special GuestGary & Cindy Renard

In this episode:
  • A Course in Miracles, a very BIG teaching!
  • How to transform relationships from special to holy
  • What is the true meaning of forgiveness?
  • How to apply "the Course" in your everyday life

Episode 4 The Trebek Family Miracle

Special GuestJean Trebek

In this episode:
  • Her spiritual journey and insights about A Course in Miracles
  • Her steps of faith and prayer while they battled her husband's illness
  • The challenges and obstacles they overcame along the way
  • The amazing miracle for her husband, Alex Trebek, that they prayed for!

Episode 3 The Power to Heal

Special GuestRev. Kevin Rice

In this episode:
  • The healing value of “Only Loving Thoughts”
  • Uprooting the guilt that keeps us sick
  • Extraordinary benefits of extreme forgiveness
  • Healing from two brain surgeries and Stage 4 Cancer

Episode 2 The 1st Family of A Course in Miracles

Special GuestCarol Howe

In this episode:
  • How A Course in Miracles came together
  • Fun stories about the beginning of the Course
  • The miraculous way Carol Howe met Bill Thetford
  • One of Carol's favorite miracle stories... and more!

Episode 1 How A Course of Miracles Changes Your Life

Special GuestDavid Hoffmeister

In this episode:
  • How Robin and David found A Course in Miracles
  • How the Course changed their lives
  • What was the most challenging part to understand?
  • One of David’s favorite miracle stories … and more